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Women of Substance

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Hendersonville, NC 28791

Empowering Inc. provides long-term residential housing and life coaching skills with access to care for women and children in recovery. Our purpose is to help women who have past drugs problems, but who have completed a sobriety program and are trying to rebuild their lives. Before entering the residential program, women must have completed a sobriety program and be sober for thirty days.

Our Vision is to inspire women into sustained recover from substance addiction for life. Our mission is to be a passionate leader and provider of long term residential housing and access to care for women in recovery.

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We Provide supportive recovery programs for women by coordinating community outreach and individual services, and high quality abstinence based environments which promote each woman's well being

The Goal for EACH WOMAN to become self sufficient through professional and vocational training and placement, be offered the counseling needed to become an independent home owner, and be provided aftercare programs to support recovery with professionals, alumni and by "paying it forward".

Our Focus is to be: a fervent leader in transforming the way we view and support women seeking treatment, a service to lovingly save women's lives and improve our community and a resource to foster awareness, provide valuable information and education the public.